Oranje Gasteplaas wedding



I have a national diploma ( Technikon-3 years ) in photography, and more than 20 years of experience in wedding and fine-art photography.

I don’t believe in setting a short time limit on your special day. I will be there for the entire day, from your getting ready sessions, right up until late in the evening. I will capture all your special moments! There is however a cut off time of 12 hours. After that, an extra hourly rate will apply.

I use the latest Nikon professional grade equipment, with a full set of backup cameras, lenses and lighting.

I will be working for up to 12 hours, so will not be able to perform at my best without a meal.

I do not take photos during dinner, and it is the only break I get during the day. I would like to be served soon after the bridal couple, so that I am finished and refueled before all the guests have completed their meal. I do not require a seat at a table, I will have my meal away from the guests.

I am completely bilingual, and have no problem understanding and speaking Afrikaans.

Please contact me, and I will send you all my package information and pricing. Once you have accepted my quote, I will require a deposit to confirm your wedding date. The confirmation will require a 50% booking fee. I will send you a copy of my contract with banking details. Once I have received your deposit and signed contract, the date will booked, and you will receive a confirmation email. The remaining 50% of the payment is due one week before your wedding.

My approach is very much documentary orientated. I do a minimum of posed photographs, and prefer to just observe, and capture those “special moments”. While I welcome example photos from couples, I will not emulate them, but rather try and incorporate them into my style. Please do not ask me for that ‘soft and fuzzy’ look, or for the pastel, faded colours that seem to be the current trend. These ‘gimmicks’ will look very dated when you look back on your images in the coming years. I love black and white, and you will receive quite a few of these timeless images in your final set. What you will receive is a stunning set of real memories to last a lifetime!

You will receive a minimum of 500 images, and often substantially more. All the image files are full size, and individually edited and enhanced. There will also be an identical set of lower resolution image, optimised and ready to share via email or social media. I always try and have your images dispatched to you within 2 weeks of your wedding. Albums take a lot longer. Your images will be sent to you on a high quality, specially customised USB flash drive. This is enclosed in a protective case. This is the best long term storage solution for your treasured images. Please be sure to back up your images in multiple locations. I keep a copy of your images as a further precaution.

Absolutely! These are some of the few posed images on the day and are often done immediately after the ceremony. To save time with these, I require a ‘ loud and forceful’ family member with a list of intended images, and a knowledge of who should be in each photo. This saves a lot of time, which would otherwise impact on the couples creative photo shoot.

I love traveling, and will gladly photograph your wedding at any fantastic destination in South Africa or beyond. I regularly photograph weddings in Gauteng, the Free State and Natal. There may be extra travel costs depending on the venue’s location.

I feel I am more than capable of covering all your special moments without additional help. A second photographer can add an extra dimension, but will be more intrusive and comes at an extra cost. I do however have an excellent helper should my clients require it.

I have a great offering, which is proving very popular amongst my clients. It is known as an ‘unplugged wedding’, and involves guests being requested not to take photographs of the ceremony, and especially during the bridal procession. All too often that very special entrance is marred by guests sticking their cameras/phones into the aisle to get a mediocre photo. This will unfortunately be seen in my photos, and does not make a very pleasing background. Rather leave the photos to the professional, and enjoy the moment. I do welcome, or indeed insist that guests take lots of photos during the rest of the day.

Absolutely! I love every kind of wedding. Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Greek, Gay, straight etc etc…I photograph them all willingly!

RAW photo files do not look very good straight out of the camera. They require processing in expensive software to produce the results you see in my images. This is partly what you are paying for, and also my trademark “look”. You will receive full size, processed JPEG files which are ready for printing or sharing with friends and family.

I love black and white, and there will be a healthy sprinkling of these throughout your set of images. Some images just look better in black and white, and I will choose accordingly. You are welcome to ask for a larger or lesser amount.

Yes, I photograph a range of subjects, from family gatherings to corporate events. I am a well known Fine Art photographer, with works in collections and galleries around the world. My Fine art photographs can be viewed at : http://africanimage.co.za/glen-green-photography/

You will typically receive your images within three weeks of your wedding. They will be couriered to you on a custom flash drive in a protective metal case. For your album, you will be required to choose a basic set of images (around 100). Once I receive your image list, your album will be delivered to you in approx 6 weeks.

Yes I do! It is a great way for us to get to know each other before your wedding. It helps to get rid of any nerves you may have about being photographed. The emphasis is on having fun, and I can guarantee that afterwards you will wonder what all the fuss was about.